How to choose masterbatch?


1. Easy to use

Some color masterbatches are extremely difficult to use. They need to be added to water in measured amounts and take a long time to dissolve before they can be used, which is a waste of time. Some require a high-speed disperser to be stirred for a long time to achieve a good uniform coloring effect. Some powder color masterbatches may clump together if not stirred well, seriously affecting product quality.

2. Stability

Some masterbatches have good coloring effects at the time, but will fade after a while, seriously affecting the appearance and quality of plastic products.

3. Low cost of use

Some color masterbatches are very cheap, but the amount added is large, and the total cost of use is high. Some masterbatches are more expensive, but the addition amount is small and the effect is good, but the cost of use is reduced a lot.

4. Suitable

To choose the color masterbatch that is most suitable for your own products, has the best effect, the lowest cost and the most convenient use, this needs to be determined by the buyer after trying it.

5. Stable quality

The quality of the color masterbatches produced by some manufacturers is very unstable. One batch may be said to be very good, but another batch may be very poor. When used, the quality of the product will be seriously affected.

6. Suppliers

Choose suppliers who are qualified, honest, have quality awareness and control capabilities, and have development capabilities.