Uses of longevity color masterbatch


With the advancement of agricultural cultivation technology, a new generation of functional agricultural greenhouse films has been rapidly promoted, and various functional agricultural films with special functions such as vegetable greenhouse films, livestock and poultry breeding films, and artificial cultivation films are constantly emerging. However, polyethylene film has poor photoaging properties and short service life. It can generally only be used for about half a year, which is far from meeting the needs of agricultural production.

As the name suggests, longevity masterbatch is a color masterbatch that extends the life of farmland film. It is also an anti-UV masterbatch. Its main components are stabilizers, carrier plastics, dispersants, antioxidants, etc. Light stabilizers can be UV absorbers (such as benzophenones), quenchers (such as Irgastab 2OO2), free radical capture agents (hindered amines), or two light stabilizers can be used in combination to have a synergistic effect. . At present, hindered amine light stabilizers are mostly used in agricultural films, with an effective life of up to 18 months.