Production process of Blow Molding Masterbatches


The production process of Blow Molding Masterbatches mainly includes the following steps:

Masterbatch preparation: Select appropriate carrier resin and additives, and use high-temperature and high-shear mixing equipment for mixing and preparation according to the required product properties.

Place and cool: Place the mixture in an airtight container and cool it at a suitable temperature.

Crushing and screening: The cooled masterbatch is mechanically crushed and screened to prepare the required Blow Molding Masterbatches.

Packaging and storage: Pack the prepared Blow Molding Masterbatches and store them in dry, light-proof, ventilated, and free from contamination conditions.

Each of these steps is critical and can affect the quality and performance of Blow Molding Masterbatches. Therefore, various parameters need to be strictly controlled during the production process, and each step needs to be effectively monitored and inspected to ensure the excellent quality of the final product.