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White Masterbatch

White masterbatch has a wide range of applications with adding ratio 1-6%. Nearly all the white color plastic products can be colored with white masterbatch, e.g.: daily necessities such as white plastic bags, white agricultural films, stretch film, plastic buckets etc.; plastic furniture decoration products; white pipes, plates, sheets, etc.

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Product Description

White Masterbatch product introduction:

Use ratio and storage: The use ratio can be according to the requirements on product whiteness, also can be adjusted by the users according to the color requirements for the product. The white masterbatch is stored as non-dangerous goods and kept in a ventilated and dry warehouse.

White Masterbatch Advantages:

1.White masterbatch has the characteristics of bright color, high coloring intensity, good dispersion, high concentration, good whiteness, strong hiding power, reasonable price, good resistance to migration and heat resistance.

2.It can ensure product quality and yield, reduce energy consumption and increase production efficiency, which are the characteristics of the new generation of economical white masterbatch.

3.Our products are with stable quality, complete specifications, price concessions, and timely delivery. We can do the sample color matching according to the customer's requirements, and provide sample masterbatch.

The color masterbatch is made of PE、PP、PET、PA、PBT、 PC、ABS、PS as carriers, inorganic pigments and organic dyes with high-performance additives. The particles are uniform and beautiful in appearance, cylindrical or flat-round in shape, uniform in color, good dispersibility, stability and heat resistance. It is widely used in packaging film, pots, bottles, caps, pipes, containers, toys, household appliances, office supplies, automotive accessories and all kinds of construction. It is suitable for all kinds of blow moulding, extrusion, injection moulding, casting, wire drawing, chemical fibre and other processing fields.

Why choose us?

1.20 years of experience in masterbatch production and R&D

2.Professional team service

3.We are manufacturers without middlemen trading competitive price

4.Customized service according to your requirements

5.Advanced testing and manufacturing equipment

6.Short lead time

7.24 hours after-sales service

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